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The wet & dry texture for dual use (wet and dry applications) A high content of mineral pigments A texture with tiny glitter and pearl particles With a hypoallergenic scent of cotton plant blossom Paraben-free

This unique metallic “bonbon” eyeshadow with tiny glitter and pearl particles creates a captivating metallic reflection that enhances your eye color and brightens your eyes. Its fine wet & dry loose powder texture with a high mineral pigment content provides vibrant and bright eyeshadow color all day long.

The unique wet & dry system enables both WET (more intense), and dry (more subtle) applications.

A special manufacturing process knowns as “oven baking” ensures great adherence and stops the eyeshadow from creasing.

Apply with your fingers, an applicator or a special brush for eyeshadow application and spread. Wet application (with just a drop of water): to enhance and intensify the color, suitable for evening make-up, makes the eyeshadow more durable. The eyeshadow can also be also used as an eyeliner. Dry application: to achieve a softer hue, suitable for day make-up.

Coverage: Medium to high